Sunday 30 March 2003

Hundreds Protest BBC's Coverage Of Iraq War

Even Auntie can't hide from the truth... Did you hear this on News24? I haven't....

Hundreds of anti-war demonstrators gathered at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) broadcasting complex, 4.8km west of their traditional protest ground in Hyde Park, to voice dissatisfaction against the BBC's biased reports on the war in Iraq.

The protesters arrived from different rallying points in London just after 2pm Saturday, chanting "BBC, Tony Blair...How many lies did you tell today?"

Their leaders shouted through the megaphones about a number of events recently reported by the BBC but subsequently dismissed as unsubstantiated -- among them the fall of Um Qasr, columns of Republican guards moving south and the discovery of a chemical weapons centre.

The number converging on the BBC's central complex in the suburb of White City was nowhere near the normal turn-out at recent anti-war rallies here.

But the placard-carrying protesters represented the usual cross-section of ordinary men and women, school children, and the increasingly vociferous Muslim community.

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