Sunday 30 March 2003

A Harder Road to Victory

The worst nightmare is coming true.

The war to get rid of Saddam Hussein is dragging on with no prospect of an early end.

Casualties of both troops and civilians are mounting.

The push to Baghdad has become bogged down. And when the Allies reach it, they must not only face the Republican Guard but almost certainly fighting street-by-street. With no idea where Saddam is.

Yesterday there was the first suicide bombing, which killed several American soldiers. While across the Arab world anger is reaching fever pitch against the USA and Britain.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. US defence chief Donald Rumsfeld - and the British Cabinet, as Robin Cook reveals today - were convinced it would be over quickly.

Even Mr Rumsfeld and President Bush must by now realise what a grotesque miscalculation they made.

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