Friday 28 March 2003

Grief of fiancé as her hero is killed

Why isn't Blair on the front-line? Why aren't Bush, or Cheney or Rumsfeld or any of their kids on the front-line? Because they expect everyone else to die for them, typical really. Words cannot express how much sympathy I feel for Ms. Williams, I know how it feels to loose someone you love and it's unbelievably hard. That's why words also cannot express the loathing and pure contempt I feel for Bush and Blair. They are evil, corrupt, cowards who hide behind their military because their view of the world is so warped and narrow that they just don't seem to care that real people are dying. Lives are being destroyed just so those bastards can get rich. They use the loyalty of troops to further their nefarious ends and this condemns them to hell, I hope they sleep well at night.

Bride-to-be Rebecca Williams was planning her wedding when she learned her fiancé, Llandudno soldier Llywelyn Evans, had died in the Kuwaiti desert.

They had arranged a mortgage, bought their first home, started decorating and even chosen new furniture.

The plan was for 24-year-old "Welly" to leave the army next year and settle down with the girl he had courted since he was a teenager.

Then army officials informed his family in Conwy Road, Llandudno, that their son had died when a helicopter carrying 12 British and American servicemen crashed last week south of the Kuwait border.

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