Tuesday 4 March 2003

Blair presses for 'road map' to be published

Reader Comments: Looks like Blair has nothing to show for his persistent brown-nosing of Bush and those power that be behind Bush. Nothing for the UK and actually even worse for Palestinians.

Britain expressed frustration yesterday at the continuing delay in publishing the internationally agreed "road-map" for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Drawn up by the Quartet - the UN, the US, the EU and Russia - the map proposes steps to be taken by the Israelis and Palestinians, including a freeze on building Jewish settlements on the West Bank and reform of the Palestinian authorities.

Although it had agreed on a date of December 20, Israel, which is sceptical, has been seeking to postpone publication. First it wanted to wait for its general election at the end of January, then it said wait until a new government is formed.

Now it says it wants to make changes in it before it is published.

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