Saturday 15 March 2003

America Used UN Veto to Protect Israeli War Crimes – 24 Times!

by Joe Vialls

As America, Britain and Australia complain bitterly about French and Russian threats to use Security Council Veto powers to prevent their upcoming planned massed murder in Iraq, it seems timely to point out just how many times the real terrorists next door to Iraq have been protected by America.

Since the sixties, Israeli Jews have ruthlessly raped, butchered and murdered their way through large chunks of Palestine and the Lebanon; have acquired thousands of weapons of mass destruction, and openly shown their utter contempt for international law, by openly bragging about the “New Israel” planned to stretch eastwards to the Euphrates and thus encompass Iraq’s oilfields.

Because of immunity from international prosecution afforded by perpetual American vetos at the United Nations Security Council, Israeli Jewish terrorists have become emboldened in their attacks, to the point where their excesses have sickened most of the civilized world.

Just two weeks ago these terrorist thugs decided to “make an example” of an unarmed pregnant Palestinian woman, wife of a “suspected Palestinian terrorist”, and did so by firing 14 [yes, FOURTEEN] 120-mm high explosive tank gun shells at her home in Gaza. Predictably the house imploded on the woman and her unborn child, crushing and choking them to death as an Israeli tank commander stood by laughing, before spitting contemptuously on the street.

For the record, here is a list of those resolutions against Israel deliberately vetoed by America. Interim comments on the current situation follows at the end of the [very long] list of American vetos.

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