Monday 24 March 2003

48 Hours

by Mike Rivero

48 Hours has come and gone. "Shock and Awe" has not worked. At the rate Bush is spending money on missiles, that $80 billion he just asked Congress for will be spent in just over a week. Saddam is still in place. Saddam is still in place. It is Somalia, all over again. And the problem is that Bush KNEW this was going to happen. Last September's Iraq war games were a warning. The commanding officer assigned to play Saddam won every battle until he was ORDERED to do things to let the "Americans" win, whereupon he quit in disgust. Other top military experts predicted that Saddam would abandon the open deserts and lure the Americans into urban areas where Guerilla tactics would prove effective. And this is what has happened.

George W. Bush, who has never served in combat, has proven he is a terrible military commander. His ideas of what was going to happen in Iraq have proven false. Shock and Awe did not work. The Iraqi people did not welcome their "liberators" with open arms. They are not surrendering in the numbers that were predicted, claimed, then retracted. America's sons and daughters are being captured and killed. And as they get into the cities, it will get worse. For all the billions spent and lives lost, Bush has ownership of a lot of sand and little else. And America has lost the respect of the rest of the world in the process.

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