Tuesday 25 February 2003

When Sharon Says Jump, Bush Asks 'How High?'

This article is going to be about Jews. So if you're uncomfortable with the subject I suggest you bail out right now.

Several months ago I wrote an article for our daily newspaper that I shouldn't have written if I were promoting my career.

It seems that I had the unmitigated gall to question what America was getting in return for the 3 to 5 billion dollars we are "investing" in Israel every year.

The article got me blackballed. Well, not exactly blackballed. But along with being demonized as an anti-Semitic, the paper never accepted any further articles I wrote. Naïve me, I couldn't understand what I had done wrong. Now I know better.

So let's connect a few dots.

A short while back I read a report that at a Knesset meeting Ariel Sharon had said to his deputy, Shimon Peres---Don't worry about the Americans. We own America. And all along I thought WE owned it.

Not willing to accept that at face value, I contacted a reporter in Hebron to try to verify Sharon's outburst. Sure enough, the reporter told me that news of Sharon's offhand remark had, in fact, been broadcast from an Israeli radio station, and that both Israelis and Palestinians had heard it and were talking about it.

Are the dots connecting?

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