Sunday 2 February 2003

Shuttle Disaster - Textbook Psychological Warfare Operation

I've always been in love with the Space Shuttle, and the whole idea of us exploring the solar system. I mourn the deaths of 7 very brave men and women who had a dream and chased it. I'm also in no doubt that there are cynical elements within the US Government who could quite happily use this for their propaganda. The following article by Alex Jones illustrates how plans have existed to use just such a disaster to further their own cynical agenda. You have a right to all the different view-points and this is definitely something you won't see on the Beeb.

I don't wish to jump to any conclusions here but we need to not be bowled over by the loss of the shuttle and instead look at this event in the wider context of the current state of our planet.

The Northwoods government terrorism plan included blaming foreign enemies for space disasters. It also called for hijacking jet airliners, bombing US ships, bombing DC, sniper attacks and for the US army to dress up in foreign uniforms and attack marine corps bases. (Click here to download the declassified Northwoods Document - worth a read).

ABC: "The Joint Chiefs even proposed using the potential death of astronaut John Glenn during the first attempt to put an American into orbit as a false pretext for war with Cuba..." (Click Here for the Article)

Baltimore Sun: "The Northwoods plan also proposed that if the 1962 launch of John Glenn into orbit were to fail, resulting in the astronaut's death, the US government would publicize fabricated evidence that Cuba had used electronic interference to sabotage the flight..." (Click Here for the Article)

Three weeks ago, on my syndicated radio show, I said that there was a very good chance that the globalists would do something horrible concerning the latest Colombia mission. Understand, the psychological warfare technicians do not even need to publicly blame Iraq for the Columbia disaster. It will serve as a distraction in the global press during the final weeks of war preparation in the gulf. It will serve the dual purpose of unifying the country behind President Bush as he grandstands, talking about how horrible the death of the astronauts has been.

I pointed out many times on the air that they are using primitive psychological mechanisms built into our most primitive programming to unify and control us. Child kidnappings are actually down by two thirds since the late 1980's and early 1990, but the unified bureaus of propaganda (ABC, CNN, FOX etc.) have been playing it up as an incredible epidemic. We have seen an emerging pattern over the last few decades of playing up child kidnapping right before a war.

If you are asking what this has to do with Columbia blowing up on reentry, let me explain it in simpler terms. What happens if you hit a beehive with a baseball bat? The bees will come out and attack anything in the vicinity. To give you a human example, in primitive societies when a large predator takes a member of the tribe, especially a young member, the tribe will go into a vicious seek-and-destroy hunting frenzy that we call "war" today. This is why they play up child kidnappings before a war.

Similarly, the space program is at the core of American pride, and we see our astronauts as our greatest heroes -- great explorers. Their deaths cause insecurity, fear and anger. But don't worry, your gracious leader Lord Bush will feel the pain with you. Many weak-minded Americans will shift into mindless group-think and poll numbers for the war will rapidly rise.

Another set of key data points that need to be looked at are:
-This is the first Israeli in space -- the fact that he died on board is given twice as much attention than the other six are getting combined. This is being used as a type of tribal bonding mechanism for the coming war for empire in the Middle East. "Our champion warriors died with your champion warriors..."
-You cannot ignore the fact that globalists are obsessed with numerology and that this was the 113th flight of the space shuttle program.

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