Tuesday 4 February 2003

Late Night Thoughts...

by ewar

There's a story out there, a true story; a story based on fact rather than the fiction we have all been taught in school. A story that is so far-reaching in its ramifications and so controversial in its content that it defies all explanation and rationalisation - a story only believable if you suspend your disbelief. There are people who have searched all their lives for pieces of this story but most are labled as "conspiracy theorists" or "kooks" and are rarely taken seriously. But somehow I think we all feel it - perhaps that's why films like the Matrix strike such a chord within all of us. Perhaps we instinctively know that all is not what it seems and that somewhere, somehow, our biggest fears and most pertinent questions are being exploited in order to manipulate us. Somewhere our arrogance and fear get in the way of rational thought and in the process we surrender our power to those who would seek to take it from us.

Somewhere out there are secrets that powerful forces would keep hidden, their aims unknown to all but a few powerful people. As our world stumbles blindly to a fate none of us can predict the signals grow stronger - the symbolism more acute. Have you ever stared up at clouds on a summers day? Seeing patterns, creating shapes in your mind? A crocodile, an elephant, the familiar face of someone dearly loved? We create order out of chaos, like seeing cloud shaped elephants running across the sky, it's an illusion, an ability of the human mind to see things which may or may not actually exist. When we're kids we see everything that way, when we grow up we're taught to regard such playful fantasy as "childish" but it's always there and so as adults we play games, and stare at clouds on a bright sunny day. One of the qualities of the human brain is the ability to see patterns, whether abstract or real the patterns we see govern how we view the Universe and as a result they govern how we think at a very fundamental level. Those who would seek to manipulate us and blind us to the truth use this against us. Anyone who has thoughts that are not of the "norm" may be singled out for persecution - nothing so obvious as an arrest followed by a quick trip to prison. No, they encourage us to create prisons within our own minds, restricting our own thought. How better to censor a populace than to cause them to censor themselves? Look at what history has supposedly taught you, then try some research with your favourite search engine and try to find answers to some of the questions you may have had sitting in a dull classroom many moons ago...

With all of the questions I ask, more questions appear. You read one book and realise there's another ten you need to read, if you're at university it's the bane of you life - when you grow up you realise how badly you used the time you were given! The constant catch-up, the burning of midnight oil, and then one day you wake up and you realise that all of it was all pointed in totally the wrong direction. At the end of the day you can't get back time you've squandered, you can only make better use of what you have left. As our world seems to be slipping inexorably towards war, and as death on a 21st Century scale awaits us, here, on the brink of it all, are there not enough of us who believe it is wrong to be able to stop it? We're all afraid, no-one wants to become one of the "kooks", but at the end of the day can we afford not to speak out against what is happening to our world? How can we allow the dictates of a few paranoid people who have spent their lives fighting enemies who don't really exist -people who's entire world and fortunes are based on collective human slaughter and misery- profit even more at our expense? Even in the most seemingly civilised of nations there exists a hidden and secret trade in death and manipulation, the "export credits" and "loan guarantees" which finance the "arms industry" export death on a scale incomparable with any other time in human history, and we all allow it to happen by not asking enough questions and allowing ourselves to be put-off with the lies and gesticulations of people who, in any other existence, would probably be simple pond-scum.

The story I spoke of earlier is out there, the fragments scattered in disparate corners of the globe, the "big picture" constantly masked with a veil of lies and deceit by those who foolishly attempt to control the flow of information. We have the power to collect those fragments and we have the power to piece them together, and then send the message to those who would seek our destruction that we will not go quietly without a word or a wimper nor will we sacrifice our future for the expediency of the present. At no other time in our existence on this planet have we as individuals held so much power in our hands. That power is the only power that really matters to us as homo sapiens (weak and fragile as we are physically) the power is INFORMATION, the knowledge of how to use fire, or a wheel or cog or even a nuclear reactor are fundamental to who we are and to the power we yield when we put our minds to it. Here we sit on a cusp of something bigger than all of us, and we as individuals have more power than at any time in human history. We have the power to inquire meaningfully about our world, the power to make up our own minds and to realise the manipulation for what it is - the desperate attempt of inbred power-hungry men gone mad in a final bid to control our destiny. For every action there is an equal and an opposite reaction and somehow I think that they've become so arrogant in their power and so assured of their own rise to God-hood that they've forgotten to take into account the unintended side effects. A perfect example, what's the one aspect of mobile phone usage (in all of us "civilised" western "developed" nations) that none of the engineers or business-weenies or anyone else thought would be big? SMS messaging, that's what - they thought of it as a way to send commands from base to phone until someone was playing with their phone one day and realised they could send messages to their mates. Suddenly there's 10,000,000 plus message flying around every month and they still don't seem to have figured out how to use the technology all the while they're trying to force useless things that don't work (WAP) down our throats! Mark my words, they are making the same mistake about a lot of other aspects of "technology" and it will turn around and bite them where it hurts.

Make up your own minds about this but make no mistake about it, zero hour is upon us and the events of the next year will likely determine the course and future of humanity itself.

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