Monday 10 February 2003

Dalyell kicked out of Commons

This is what happens when an MP actually tries to do his job, represent his people and the country, he gets booted out of the House of Commons! What a load of cobblers! He represents more people than the Prime Monster and he gets fookin' told to "withdraw" what the HELL kind of democracy is this anyway??????

Tam Dalyell - the UK's longest serving MP - has been ordered out of the House of Commons following a dispute with the Speaker over his concerns about the Iraq crisis.

The Linlithgow MP was told to leave the chamber after he refused to obey Michael Martin's repeated requests to sit down as he raised points of order about the government's recent dossier on Saddam Hussein.

Mr Dalyell accused the government of misleading Parliament after admitting part of the dossier was copied from an American student's outdated thesis.

Mr Dalyell, known as the Father of the House because he is the longest serving MP, eventually left the chamber unescorted.

Later, the Speaker's Office insisted Mr Dalyell had not been suspended and had merely been issued with what was effectively a final warning.

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