Monday 3 February 2003

Australia Suckered into War Crimes Trap

by Joe Vialls

George W. Bush and Tony Blair have done some pretty crazy things in their time. Like Roman Senators of old, they have ruthlessly invaded foreign sovereign nations, injured and murdered foreign nationals by the tens of thousands, and kidnapped a few hundred of the unfortunate wretches to be brought home as “spoils of war”, for obscene physical & psychological experimentation and torture.

It has all been great fun for these twisted and perverted “democratic leaders” of the west, but George and Tony now need a way of avoiding, or at least diluting, any future punishment for their behavior. Ideally, they need gullible leaders elsewhere in the world to “share the blame” for their murderous and illegal activities.

Historically, it is a fact that the heroes of yesterday frequently become the war criminals of tomorrow; a matter of quiet but increasing concern in Washington and London as the western “democracies” slowly but surely sink towards complete economic chaos, and thus significantly increased international vulnerability.

American and British political eyes glance increasingly nervously across the North Sea towards the Hague, where former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic is the undisputed star of the United Nations “International Criminal Tribunal”.

Milosevic merely stands accused of daring to defend his own sovereign nation and people with his own soldiers, while under illegal and unrelenting aerial assault by America and Britain. In terms of genuine war crimes, on a scale of one to ten Slobodan scores about 1, compared to 9+ for George and Tony, but neither of the latter wishes to take Slobodan’s place in the dock at The Hague.

George and Tony’s preferred scapegoat for many of their international crimes is John Winston Howard, a short bald man with glasses who is currently Prime Minister of Australia, a large desert island located south of Singapore. Most of you will not have heard of John Howard before, but try not to worry, you haven’t missed much.

John spends much of his working day calling the answering machine at The White House to ask for photo opportunities with George W. Bush: a bizarre obsession that tells us a great deal about John’s [and thus Australia’s] absolute vulnerability to international war criminals and con men like George and Tony.

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