Sunday 9 February 2003

At the 11th Hour, "Old Europe" Unites to Stop Bush's War

Bob Fertik writes, "The entire US media is running a single story line written by Bush propaganda minister Karl Rove: that a US invasion of Iraq is inevitable... But suddenly this story line is about to change. Germany and France - dismissed only days ago by Donald Rumsfeld as 'Old Europe' - have come up with a comprehensive plan to avoid war by sending thousands of UN troops to take effective control of Iraq. The stakes here are larger than Iraq. The question now before the world is whether George Bush will himself support the 'relevance' of the UN, or whether Bush has truly transformed the US into a 'new Rome' that is determined to rule the world through imperial might. If Bush launches an aggressive war in direct defiance of the UN Security Council, he will destroy the UN and the entire post-war order. The world is at a tipping point, swinging on the fulcrum between the rule of international law and the raw assertion of US imperialism. Will the US media tell the people?"

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