Wednesday 22 January 2003

The World Can't Trust What America Says

The key to integrity, this old Mayan guy once told me, is admitting our faults. If we don't do that, our whole lives are built on a bed of lies. This is the United States of America 2003 version — built on a bed of lies and disintegrating all around us.

The situation makes some of us think that the Ayatollah (if you're old enough to remember him — the Iranian religious leader who presided over the taking of American hostages in 1979) was right: America is the Great Satan, he said.

But I guess it's not important to Americans anymore to tell the truth. I mean ... just look at everything.

The greatest military attack on American soil has not even been investigated. Three thousand people killed in downtown New York City and it's just swept under the rug as the insane media manipulators rush on to new fabricated crises to cover up the single greatest crime in American history.

Talk about a big lie. Talk about lack of integrity. And the American people, anesthetized as they are with ill-gotten gains, over-the-counter drugs, bad schools and worse TV, don't even raise a collective eyebrow. Telling the truth is just not important to them anymore, if it ever was.

In fact, if there's one thing obvious in the world today, it's that America does not tell the truth. It says one thing but always means something else. It promises to spread democracy but all it distributes is oil-money-crazed dictatorship and prison or death without trial for anyone who dares to stand in its way.

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