Sunday 26 January 2003

Vialls - The Strategic Brains Behind 9/11

"Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past"

by Joe Vialls

The events of 11 September 2001 have become a national obsession in America, but no one has ever worked out who the real perpetrators were. No serious analyst believes for a split second that Osama Bin Laden organized or directed this precision operation from a cave in the mountains of darkest Afghanistan, but beyond that obvious reality, most American analysts are incapable of objective analysis for a number of different reasons. If Americans really want to know who attacked New York two years ago, different analytical techniques must be applied.

Twenty years ago a leading professor of forensic psychology smiled and told me, “You are absolutely incapable of objective thought”, and then sat back casually cracking his knuckles waiting for a reaction. The reaction was not long in coming. I was outraged! Probably turning bright pink with carefully suppressed fury, I pointed out forcefully that objectivity lies at the very core of military analysis, and he was therefore talking absolute rubbish.

The Professor remained unperturbed, quietly explaining that every analysis performed by every human on earth is performed within his or her own brain. Each and every step of any analysis is made internally by the individual concerned, rendering the analysis entirely subjective, i.e. the resulting analysis, even if correct, is merely an informed personal opinion. At the very best, he said, we can be as “objective as possible within the severe constraints of personal subjectivity”. And herein, I suspect, lies the main problem for Americans where 9/11 is concerned.

America is a very young country in terms of political and diplomatic evolution, and American tourists overseas frequently display a degree of naivete about international affairs that at times is quite touching. In short, Americans want to be liked by everyone, and fail to see the warning signs when free bottles of Coca-Cola and free Big Macs are not enough to pacify the natives, in what is increasingly seen as the new “American Empire”. With only about 300 years of history behind them, most Americans are babes in the wood.

This “We’re all buddies” international American mind-set, seems to have blinded most Americans who have attempted to rationalize those huge Boeing attack aircraft flying with dazzling precision across the New York skyline two years ago. As previously stated, very few are buying the “official” rubbish about incompetent ab-initio Muslim Cessna pilots suddenly developing the extreme level of skill required to hurl 400,000# airliners around the sky like toys, but the blame has not yet at any stage [so far as I know] been apportioned to any nation external to America herself, perhaps with the sole exception of Israel.

Unwilling or psychologically unable to consider the possibility that America was attacked by one or more of her perceived “buddy” nations overseas [perhaps those with Coca-Cola and Big Macs], many Americans have turned in one of two decidedly different directions. The first group fervently maintain that, “The Jews did it to gain control of America”, while the second group points instead at the U.S. Military establishment, which also wants “to gain control of America.” Both groups are heavily armed with anecdotal hearsay, but neither has even the smallest piece of hard scientific evidence to back its extraordinary claims.

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