Sunday 12 January 2003

US$100 million for the head of President Hugo Chavez Frias?

Venezuela's opposition radicals and their cloak-and-dagger financiers are growing desperate as the 5th week of their national stoppage grinds inexorably to its close with democratically-elected President Hugo Chavez Frias still firmly in place.

"We are at War, since Chavez will not enter into dialogue or resign immediately, there is only one option left: to execute him!"

Spanish-language transcripts of secret opposition radicals' conversations made available to by IC sources say "Esto es en serio: ofrezco recompensa de US100 millones por la cabeza de Hugo Chavez Frias, al que lo meta de un tiro en la frente y uno en el corazon; luego lo decapite y cuelgue la cabeza expuesta al publico por los dias que nos ha tenido de paro en la Plaza Altamira, la Plaza Francia, La Plaza de la Libertad."

Translated: This is serious: US$100 million reward for the head of Hugo Chavez Frias, to anyone who puts a bullet in his forehead and one in his heart, afterwards to decapitate and hang the head exposed to the public for the same number of days as we have held the strike in Plaza Altamira, the Plaza of Liberty."

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