Friday 10 January 2003

Uncle Sam Desperately Seeks Reason to Attack Iraq

Anything goes to start an attack, even a missing American pilot

UN inspectors are at a loss: no banned weapons have been detected in Iraq. However, the Americans have more trump cards to use. One of them is American Air Force pilot Michael Scott Speicher.

UN inspectors’ work in Iraq has reminded a comic sketch over recent couple of weeks. Their futile efforts to find weapons of mass destruction in such original places as a spirit factory, a deserted airbase, or two major stores of Baghdad, can only make people smile. Inspectors acknowledge that themselves. Chairman of the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) Hans Blix informed UN Security Council members that the international inspectors failed to find any evidence to prove either the availability or the production of weapons of mass destruction. Hans Blix stated that the inspectors conducted investigation at 120 Iraqi objects, and found no traces of storing or producing chemical or biological weapons. Answering journalists’ questions, Blix said that the inspectors did not find a smoking gun in Iraq (chemical and biological weapons). Mohamed El Baradei, the chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), set out the same conclusion regarding Baghdad’s alleged nuclear programs a couple of days before Blix’s statement.

UN sources pointed out that the USA explains the fact of no weapons in Iraq with certain gaps in the declarations of Iraqi military programs. American officials are intended to use those gaps as a pretext for the army operation against Baghdad. To be honest, the American pretext is rather a feeble one, but the United States is happy about it anyway. On the other hand, the USA might use another trump card that it has – US Air Force pilot Michael Scott Speicher. PRAVDA.Ru published a story in March of the last year entitled “The Story of the Missing American Pilot May Be the Excuse Needed for the US To Attack Iraq.” The article told the sad story of the American pilot Michael Scott Speicher. Here is a short excerpt from it.

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