Tuesday 21 January 2003

Together We Can Stop Their Immoral War

To register your oppostion to war on Iraq please email The Mirror now with your name and address at nowar@mirror.co.uk tell Mr Blair that you register your opposition to any war with Iraq not justified by unequivocal UN evidence.

So it's war. Whatever the Defence Secretary says, no country despatches 26,000 troops for nothing.

George W Bush and his White House warriors have been determined for months to attack Iraq.

The atrocity of 9/11 was an excuse for President Bush to preach the cause of world peace.

He has other reasons, though - playing to his red-neck voters, distracting attention from a looming economic crisis and securing oil supplies.

Particularly that, as the Daily Mirror reveals today. We are going war to keep the oil flowing.

Tony Blair could not stop the leader of the only superpower, though he did calm down his actions for a while.

But he does not have to join the Americans. And he is.

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