Monday 6 January 2003

President George Bull And His Excremental Message To The Troops

The obnoxious odor floating over the ground at Fort Hood, Texas, makes one almost gag. Fort Hood houses some 42,000 troops-- the most at any military base-which will almost certainly be heading soon for the Gulf region and a war with Iraq.

If anyone had stopped long enough to find out where the bad odor was coming from they would have seen and heard President George W. Bull firing up the soldiers and getting them ready for combat with rah rah lines like, "This generation is ready. We accept the burden of leadership. We act in the cause of peace and freedom, and in that cause we will prevail".

Bull dung. To say this generation of Americans is ready for war--especially with the recent downsizing of forces and a possible war on two fronts-- is nonsense, and the troops know it.

Moreover, no generation is "ready" for war because wars kill people, and nobody wants to die. It's as if Bush had said, every generation needs a good war, so cheer up guys, now it's your turn.

To tell combat troops that "we accept the burden of leadership" is to sell a concept that "one world" politicians have invented, then asked the troops to lay down their lives for. Not their own lives, mind you, but the soldiers' lives.

We may be the strongest nation in the world, but we are not necessarily the smartest. Or even the most honest. One glance at our emasculated foreign policy will tell even the village idiot that our self-proclaimed role as the world "leader" is just a bit overstated, and more than a bit arrogant.

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