Wednesday 22 January 2003

Fort Hood Report

On this gigantic military base in Texas, something is boiling under the surface.

Soldiers are refusing their vaccines. They are not being jailed ot forcibly inoculated.

Some soldiers who did take their vaccines are sick.

Two weeks before 9/11, all 60 gates at the facility were blocked with concrete barriers and barbed wire. Guard patrols were stepped up.

At least a few soldiers there believe that 9/11 was a military OP carried out by the US government. They also believe that the imminent war on Iraq has the clandestine purpose of enlarging the borders of Israel.

One could dismiss these latter allegations as random chatter, but the fact that soldiers at Ft. Hood (and other bases?)are volunteering these opinions shows that monolithic and unthinking loyalty is not engraved in stone.

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