Friday 24 January 2003

Clonaid, Clonaid, Yawn, CIA, Clonaid

It's been wall-to-wall Clonaid for weeks now. At a time when the most important news in the world is the ramping up of the US and UK military presence in the Gulf for an imminent war, Clonaid trumps the real news with a tale that would take five minutes to discredit as drivel.

Which is hardly surprising, as that is the whole purpose of Clonaid. Are you getting the picture? Good. Welcome to CIA Disinfo Central, where Clonaid is like a #1 pop hit for the misdirection crew at Langley. It's part of a collage of media themes designed to keep your eye off the ball and fill the news columns with anything but opposition to war.

It's the best gambit we have seen since Osama bin Laden became the last Mr. Nasty (Oh.., you must remember him --an Arab-looking guy out of central casting). To hard-nosed observers who view most of the UFO/Crop-Circle phenomenon as CIA disinfo, Clonaid's alien religion is a text-book 'Op.' Now the timing of this latest appearance fits quite nicely.

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