Friday 20 December 2002

A World's Shame: Child Soldiers

I bet you can't guess which two countries are the only non-signatories to the The Convention on the Rights of the Child??? Yes that's right those Third World hell-holes of Somalia and the USA. Yes America, that's right, your governement refuses to sign an agreement protecting the rights of the child. Instead your CIA funded stooges in places like the D.R. Congo are the immoral bastards recruiting the child soldiers in the first place! Merry fookin' Christmas Mr Bush!

From Burundi to Colombia; from the Philippines to Sri Lanka and in many other countries, Governments and rebel groups are recruiting children as soldiers, says a new United Nations report. According to UNICEF, there are around 300.000 child soldiers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Most of the children in arms are in Africa and East Asia, but reports from Latin America and South East Europe show that the this indignant problem crosses almost the entire globe. For the first time the UN named those Governments and groups that recruit youths under 18 for military combat.

The report listed 23 groups including governments and rebel factions in five countries where child soldiering is common - Afghanistan, Burundi, Liberia, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Colombia, for instance, irregular forces started a recruiting campaign in public schools located in the outskirts of the largest cities.

The standards being violated include a number of human rights pacts as well as an amendment to the 1990 Convention on the Rights of the Child that prohibits the use of children younger than 18 in combat. These standards apply to insurgent groups as well as governments, making them accountable for such actions, the report said.

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