Tuesday 10 December 2002

Who Is Watching the American Roof?

Written by someone who understands the issues and manages to convey that understanding with a mixture of satire and wit, must read material.

by Doug McIntosh

I wonder what it would be like to be a middle ages peasant whose entire lifetime of information equals about what I get in a good five hour Internet session. Mind you, our society is heading toward serfdom at a rapid clip. The people are ready. Michael Jackson dangles a baby off a five story hotel balcony, while in Berlin to accept an award for "service to children" no less. Another young man from Yacolt, Washington not only has a pet rattlesnake, but felt compelled to kiss it, with nearly fatal results. Plus our esteemed President Pretzel was officially called a "moron" by a senior aide to the Canadian Prime Minister. Yet another educational survey found that our young people don't know anything at all except how to drool at Britney Spears. The globalists have won the first round hands down I think. From the moron in charge, to the morons all around me it's obvious to me that the final phase has begun. We are, if nothing else, reaching a critical mass of sheer stupidity that is truly awe inspiring to watch unfold. The gene pool has been drained; daily life consists of all the dying things wiggling around in their oxygen deprived and media covered glory. Maybe we should just call America: Jackass the society and get it over with.

Stupidity and corruption reign unmolested everywhere in both the American and global economic sphere. The American stock investors have lost nearly 8 trillion dollars in value; yet, they still haven't figured out the game is rigged. We just had a rally based on October retail sales not doing anything at all. They neither went up, or down, but stayed flat and that sparked 143 billion in fiat money profit. This stock rally was based on the idea that since a 1.3% drop in September was bad; then, doing nothing in October must be good. I realize Wall Street is a $340 billion business based on lies, cheating and conning people, but really. Mr. Pitt is no longer with us and he has taken Mr. Webster with him. Mr. Pitt's fatal mistake reflects something I learned in the United States Army nearly thirty years ago. I call it the burn ratio. If a private's actions are like a bic lighter and embarrass a sergeant, then the sergeant will take a flame thrower and toast the private. An officer will use a napalm bomb on both the private and the sergeant.. Mr. Pitt made President Bush look like more of a moron than he truly is. For that, the Prez sent in one of those CIA predators and unleashed a missile that left Mr. Pitt out of a job.

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