Monday 16 December 2002

Was Irv Rubin Killed In 911 Mop-Up?

I might not agree with anything Irv Rubin stood for, I also think that he was a terrorist. However, everyone has a right to their opinion and to express that opinion as long as they don't hurt anyone else. This is a good example of how the Elite is quite happy to kill people who do their bidding as well as the innocent people who suffer from their insane policies.

Did the late Irv Rubin have inside knowledge about the fact that Israeli intelligence operatives were trailing the alleged 9-11 hijackers while they were "on the ground" in California?

When JDL chief Irv Rubin's friends cry that their leader may have been murdered in federal custody, they may not be far off the mark. Rubin may have known too much for his own good and threatened to reveal-during his scheduled trial-his Mossad connection.

Undoubtedly, Rubin and his henchman, Earl Krugel, were as surprised as anybody when the Justice Department charged them last year with conspiring to blow up a mosque and the office of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.).

For years Rubin and Krugel and the JDL were almost "untouchable," given free rein to practice their terrorist activities with virtually no sanction whatsoever.

As such, there appears to be a lot more to the quite unexpected indictment of Rubin and Krugel than meets the eye.

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