Monday 2 December 2002

UK Water Companies May Be Force To Add Fluoride

In case anyone hasn't told you fluoride is NOT good for you or your teeth, many studies have shown that Fourine/Flouride attacks the thyroid gland and brings on the onset of juvenile diabetes & Hypothyroidism. Additionally, numerous long term studies have shown that fluoridation actually destroys tooth enamel and brings on decay.. Tony just loves forcing us to do things that we don't want to do, he then blames us because we're not forward thinking enough to sell our entire country to the multi-nationals in the way Blair has done with his soul. Multinational companies make Satan's demands look appealing.

Water companies will be forced to add fluoride to Britain's drinking supplies under moves by MPs to prevent tooth decay in children. By the age of five, nearly two-thirds of children in some parts of the UK have at least one rotten tooth.

There is overwhelming evidence that fluoridation, supported by dentists, can dramatically reduce the spread of tooth decay.

However, critics argue that it should be up to parents to cut sweets out of their children's diets and supervise teeth-brushing, rather than forcing the nation to drink chemically spiked water which may carry health risks.

Tomorrow MPs will push to amend an unrelated water Bill, currently due before Parliament, to make fluoridation compulsory where local people vote for it.

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