Friday 6 December 2002

Publisher Charged With 'Sabotaging' New Israeli Spy Book

This is just the most audacious burial of a book I've ever heard of. Sounds like a great book! Victor Ostrovsky goes into quite a lot of detail about the Maxwell case, there's no doubt in my mind that he was a Mossad asset, there's also no doubt that he was terminated by them because his empire was crumbling and he went to them for a bail-out.

What makes me sick is that the Mirror pensioners have been left to pay for it. It's disgusting how little regard rich people have for poor people, they seem to just think of them as an irrelevancy - if they think of them at all that is!

Robert Maxwell - Dead guy, murdered by the Mossad or so they say... Two best-selling authors have bitterly accused their American publisher of "sabotaging" their book on Robert Maxwell he is to publish.

The book, supported by FBI documents, and files from intelligence agencies across the globe, details the tycoon's until now unsuspected links to organised crime families in the Balkans - and how Maxwell penetrated America's nuclear arsenal at Los Alamos on behalf of Mossad. The book reveals the tycoon worked for the Israeli intelligence.

But unknown to the authors, their US publisher, Carroll-Graf, secretly delivered an uncorrected proof copy of their manuscript weeks ago to Maxwell's daughter, Isabel.

She admits she took the book to Israel and consulted with, among others, "a family friend" David Kimche, a former deputy director of Mossad.

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