Tuesday 3 December 2002

Mossad Bombs Paradise Hotel in Mombasa

This was posted on Sunday but I'm keeping it a current story because new developments are happening all the time and I'm trying to keep track of them. The latest news, apart from the ongoing disagreements about the investigation are the fact that apparently the "terrorists" everyone was expecting have claimed responsibility, only problem is that is was a statement posted to a website (which I haven't found yet). That doesn't say a lot, who's to say that you didn't post that message, or me for that matter! If anyone has any news or views on this, use the "Speak your mind" link at the bottom of this post. Other posts from Tuesday can be found here.

So once again, another "terrorist" bombing that smells like rotting fish, I've thought so since I heard about it on the news. If you're not familliar with False Flag operations read the following article. As regards Joe Vialls, I've had the BBC (Rod "The Whinger" Liddle) describe Joe as a "maniac" (Liddle's exact words) for claiming that a US serviceman might have been responsible for the deaths of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. No doubt Mr Whinger would describe this report in a simillar way. However, if you actually read the report you'll realise that what Joe says makes absolute sense. In my opinion the offical story is -once again- a pack of lies, the press is being manipulated into feeding us propaganda and people like Mr Whinger are foot soldiers in the "war on our intelligence" whether knowingly or not.

I'm not saying that this story is true; you must answer that question yourself! What I am saying is that Joe's report makes a whole helluva lot more sense than the crap The System wants us to believe.

The precise anatomy of an attack that only "looked like" it was targeted on Jews

by Joe Vialls

On 28 November it was reported that “al Qaeda” had blown up the Israeli Paradise Hotel at Kikambala Beach near Mombasa, and synchronously launched a missile attack on an Arkia Airlines Boeing 757, taking off from Mombasa Airport en-route for Tel Aviv with 264 Israeli passengers on board. There was wild media talk of outstanding Israeli bravery in the face of these horrifying Muslim atrocities, but in reality the entire “dual attack” was a lookalike invented by the Mossad, designed to deflect attention away growing anger in Indonesia about direct CIA and Mossad involvement in the 12 October bombing of Kuta Beach in Bali. More about this motive later in the report, but first let us use real-time and photographic evidence to prove this deliberate Israeli illusion.

The first proof that the Kikambala Beach operation was a covert Israeli sting, came less than an hour after the massive bomb blast, with a tame television anchorman in New York repeatedly asking a reporter at the Paradise hotel about “the other attack on the Israeli airliner taking off from Mombasa.” The timing of these questions was impossible, because the pilots aboard the Arkia Airlines Boeing 757 had not reported any incident. Serving as proof of this critical omission, there is no record of any “Mayday” or “Pan” call on the Kenyan air traffic control tapes at any time on 28 November 2002. So now we know the New York media was deliberately telling us about a mid-air incident which never occurred.

Simultaneously at the Paradise Hotel, hordes of Israeli tourists were filmed sitting on top of their heavy suitcases more than 200 meters away from the building. Nearly every reader is conversant with hotel evacuation drills. You are told repeatedly that “human life is important, possessions are not”. This priority never changes, with standard emergency instructions worldwide urging patrons to “Stay calm, check the room to ensure no-one is left, leave your belongings where they are, and walk briskly to your assembly point – do not run.” Nowhere in the rules is there any instruction to risk the lives of your children and yourself, by slowly and laboriously dragging a fifty-pound suitcase more than two hundred meters towards the beach.

The tourists sitting calmly on their suitcases at the beach, is explained by the fact that the Paradise Hotel is a “turnkey” operation, one-hundred-percent owned by the Israelis and thus under their complete control. You cannot walk in off the street and book a room, because the entire hotel is reserved strictly for Israeli tourists, including a sizeable number of Mossad operatives on “Rest and Recuperation”. This was a controlled operation from the start, with nearly all of the Israeli guests cleared away from the buildings before the charges were detonated.

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Mr. Deche Kenyan farmer tells of encounter with bombers just before blast
This story is interesting because these two "terrorists" stopped at Mr. Deche's farm for two minutes supposedly waiting for a friend. Sounds to me more like they did it deliberately so that there would be a "witness" to nervous Arabic-looking men being in the vicinity just prior to the attacks. The whole encounter between Mr. Deche and the "terrorists" seems contrived and orchestrated for the benefit of blaming Arabs.

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