Thursday 12 December 2002

Low Flying Plane 'Sneaked' in Under Radar to Bomb Coast Hotel

Yet another obscure news report which contradicts the official line. Now they're talking about a small plane flying overhead and dropping cluster bombs on the Hotel. We're talking about seriously well organised "terrorists" here; a small plane dropping cluster bombs, a Pajero loaded with explosives, suicide bombers, two SA7-Strela missiles fired at a commercial plane, and all they managed to do was kill 15 people? The only Israelis killed were some kids who had walked in to watch the dancers, otherwise it would only have been the Kenyan dancers! How likely is that, really? If they were so well organised you would have thought that one of the missiles would, at the very least, have hit the plane! It just doesn't add up people!

Mombasa bombing! A light aircraft spotted hovering over the Paradise Hotel dropping bombs as it crossed the early morning sky returned to safety inside neighbouring Somalia after accomplishing its mission, well informed sources said.

The plane had flown with its cargo all the way from Somalia into Kenyan airspace, having taken off from Mogadishu as part of the highly co-ordinated terrorist attack on the Israeli-owned Paradise Hotel tourist resort at Kikambala, north of Mombasa, our sources said.

One of the cluster bombs dropped by the plane missed its target and fell into the sprawling hotel's swimming pool and did not explode. It was recovered later by intelligence officials and is said to have been behind the brief differences between Kenya and Israeli officials over its custody. It is understood it was eventually taken by FBI agents for analysis.

Kenyan police have been issuing contradictory statements over the light plane angle. At one time, they said no bombs were dropped, only to say later they were looking for three planes which flew past the hotel around the time of the terrorist attack. Twelve people, including the terrorists themselves, were killed in the 8.35 am Thursday morning explosion that destroyed the entire Paradise Hotel, which is owned by an Israeli and where a large number of Israeli tourists were checking in.

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