Monday 2 December 2002

He's Ba-a-ack!

This guy is bad news for democracy, self-determination, peace and international morality than probably anyone else. The fact that he's now chairing the 9/11 comission means that there's no chance that anything will be fully investigated. Kissinger should be put on trial and thrown in jail for the rest of his natural life!

It's an inspired choice. Bold, counterintuitive, edgy, outside the box.

Who better to investigate an unwarranted attack on America than the man who used to instigate America's unwarranted attacks?

Who better to ferret out government duplicity and manipulation than the man who engineered secret wars, secret bombings, secret wiretaps and secret coups, and still ended up as a Pillar of the Establishment and Nobel Peace Prize winner?

It was Dick Cheney's brainstorm, naturally. Only someone as pathologically opaque as the vice president could appreciate the sublime translucency of Henry Kissinger. And only someone intent on recreating the glory days of the Ford and Nixon White Houses could have hungered to add the 79-year-old Dr. Strange — I mean, Dr. Kissinger to the Bush team.

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Mass Murder Henry Kissinger Appointed to Cover Up Mass Murder He Was Involved In