Tuesday 24 December 2002

Germany Casts Doubt on Warning of Al Qaeda Attack

Given the propensity of our government to lie through their teeth about absolutely everything any warings about impending "terrorist" activity should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

German prosecutors said on Monday they were investigating an anonymous tip that an al Qaeda cell may be planning attacks across Europe, but the government said it did not appear to be genuine.

The interior ministry said the warning -- which included names of the alleged attackers -- came in anonymous letters weeks ago, but a preliminary analysis by German security experts determined it was most probably not a real threat.

"We do not believe this has any sort of a terrorist background of any relevance," a ministry spokesman told a news conference on Monday.

Stern magazine had reported that the American, British and French consulates received unsigned letters warning about attacks, including the use of biological weapons, that could be coming soon from a 50-member al Qaeda group operating in Europe.

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