Saturday 14 December 2002

The Fabulous Revolution of OZ

Americans are always revolting. It's just a matter of what they're revolting against. Give an American something to kick about, some grievance to repulse, and he's happy as a lark.

Of late, Americans have fallen onto bad times because we've lost all sense of direction in our revolting. So, as usual, I am going to provide the answer: A New Revolution.

We need something Spectacular, a really New concept of Revolution. What have Americans revolted against? Well,

- the British (the First Revolution)
- spatial restrictions (the Westward Expansion)
- Bad Times (the '29 Depression)
- our principles (the last fifty years)

We're in such deplorable straits these days because we've revolted against all our original Ideals: an informed electorate, government by consent of the governed, honesty in government and electorate, and freedom through unity. Keeping ourselves informed, free, and the rest, was too hard - so we revolted against the whole shebang. Result: a nation of revolting people who only watch TV and think and do whatever we're told.

So what should we now revolt against?