Wednesday 18 December 2002

Dutch authorities ignored threats to Pim Fortuyn

Another great example of a "lone nut" assasinating a political figure who was ready to challenge the establishment. Fishy...

Click to download 1984. Negligent government and law enforcement bodies failed to protect the assassinated Dutch anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn, despite clear warnings, an independent inquiry concluded yesterday.

But no amount of police protection would necessarily have prevented Fortuyn, who hated security, being shot by an animal rights activist, its report adds.

The report, drafted by an Amsterdam judge, says the inquiry did not seek to apportion blame for Fortuyn's death. Nevertheless, it says that the police, civil servants, government ministers and the secret service were all guilty of shortcomings.

Fortuyn fell victim, it suggests, to the Netherlands' famously open society, in which only the prime minister receive special protection.

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The Assasination of Pim Fortuyn