Friday 20 December 2002

Bush's Race to War Puts World at Risk

Any world leaders who sanction the invasion of Iraq should be put on trial for war-crimes. Any businessmen who make money out of the invasion of Iraq should be put on trial for war-crimes. This rush to war makes me sick to my stomach, IT MUST NOT HAPPEN!

Earth, Love it or Loose it - Copyright © 2001 Jim Warren, All Rights Reserved. The day has been marked in President Bush's diary. January 27, 2003. The date when he will decide on war against Iraq.

But no one really believes that a big decision will be taken in the White House on that day. The die was cast long ago.

Mr Bush and the warmongers in his cabinet want a war against Saddam Hussein. They say they must stop him because he has weapons of mass destruction.

But only one leader has weapons of mass destruction and plans to use them. His name is George W Bush and it is he who must be stopped.

What he plans to do against Iraq will not save lives or make peace. It will destabilise the world and threaten thousands, possibly millions.

President Bush is determined to go to war to demonstrate to the United States' rednecks that he is committed to the war on terrorism launched after 9/11.

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