Wednesday 4 December 2002

Britain accused of providing Saddam torture instruments

Now maybe you'll understand why this Iraq war is such hypocrisy, the people that run this country are a bunch of lying two-faced fascist bastards! That is of course only my opinion but it's one I have based on large amounts of evidence. Don't believe a single thing Phony Tony tells you, this government is morally repugnant and should be replaced immediately!

Can I suggest you use the "Fax your MP" form on this page to send a letter to your MP expressing your outrage, I've done so if you want to see the text of the letter I sent, click here.

The Government's attempt to present Iraq as a uniquely evil regime turned into a public relations flop yesterday when the Iraqi dissident chosen to present it denounced the threat of war with Saddam Hussein and said Baghdad officials used British-made equipment as instruments of torture.

Amnesty International accused the Government of turning a blind eye to human rights abuses elsewhere in the world and seizing on the horrors in Iraq for political reasons.

Hussain al-Shahristani, a former nuclear scientist who was tortured and jailed for 11 years for refusing to work on Saddam's secret nuclear programme, said: "When I was in jail I was held with British-made handcuffs. In the cells next door, I could hear the screams of people who were having holes drilled into their bones. Those drills were made in Britain."

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