Thursday 12 December 2002

Bali Bomb - Lawyers convinced 'something fell from sky'

Now this is interesting, the report partially concurs with the Vialls Report, but instead of suggesting that the second "high-tech" device - probably some sort of SADM micro-nuke according to Vialls - was planted in a sewer, they suggest that "something fell from the sky". In either case this is more credible than the "car bomb" story because no car bomb will ever create a 5 foot deep crater, it's a physical impossibility. A bomb dropped from an aircraft (ultra-new stealthy plane?) would cause a crater that deep. In some ways I think it is more likely that the device was a bomb dropped from a stealthy aircraft, it would be much easier for those ultimately manipulating the guys who planted the conventional explosives. Maybe they parked a vehicle on the spot and then dropped the bomb through it (a la Tom Clancy's "The Sum of All Fears") to make it look like a huge carbomb... Given that all the rubble has been dumped far out to see we won't be able to tell if the micro-nuke theory was correct. The western media is focusing on warnings that didn't get passed on and is blindly ignoring this and other evidence that suggests this bombing was not the work of Islamic "terrorists". The guys in custody are patsies pure and simple, I'm sure they were responsible for the conventional blasts but the main one, the real killer could not have been made by them, it was simply too complex and powerful a bomb.

The more news that comes out about the Bali Bombing the less I am inclined to believe the official story, it simple doesn't add up. They are playing the usual game of repeating the same inaccurate shyt endlessly until everyone simply accepts it as fact. They honestly think we're all idiots who they can dismiss as "kooks"!

Bali bombing! A lawyer representing Imam Samudra, who is being detained by police for his alleged role in planning the Oct. 12 Legian bombings, has expressed skepticism over their client's ability to assemble the explosives, saying the police should have the suspect re-enact his role in the events leading up to the powerful bombing.

The lawyer also alleged that Imam Samudra and the other suspects had been manipulated by a "third party", which wanted to force the nation to accept its own political agenda regarding the existence of terrorist networks and the discrediting of Islam in Indonesia.

"Our concern particularly lies in the fact that the suspects have confessed to acquiring materials and assembling the explosives. But these are materials that would be used for a conventional bomb while media reports and experts have described the bomb that exploded in front of the Sari Club in Kuta as a high-tech device of great power," Achmad Mihdan of the Muslim Lawyers' Team (TPM) told The Jakarta Post here on Tuesday.

According to Achmad, the only way to reassure himself and his colleagues, the public and law enforcers themselves would be for the police to have the suspect re-enact his role in the bombing.

Imam Samudra, whose real name is Abdul Azis, has admitted to planning the bombing of Paddy's and the Sari Club in Kuta, as well as assembling the bombs.

"We remain skeptical that the explosives our client claimed he assembled could have produced a blast as powerful as one resulting from a bomb made from RDX, for example," Mihdan said.

Mihdan, accompanied by four other TPM lawyers -- Qadhar Faisal, Made Rachman Marasabessy, Nasrun Kalianda and Andi Windu -- was speaking after their arrival here on Tuesday. The lawyers also paid a visit on Insp. Gen. I Made Mangku Pastika, who heads the police team investigating the Bali blasts.

"There is also a possibility that the bomb in Kuta was made of two separate types of explosives, conventional and hi-tech ones. The suspects are supposed to take responsibility for the conventional one while the hi-tech was, somehow, implanted by those who manipulated our clients. And our clients might know nothing about this manipulation. The police should also take this possibility into consideration," he said.

"There is an eyewitness who saw something fall from the sky right before the explosion," he added.

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