Monday 11 November 2002

Will Sharon Launch Another 911 Against The US?

by Jeffrey Steinberg, EIR

Among senior intelligence analysts in the United States, the Arab world and Israel, there is a growing fear that Ariel Sharon is about to covertly launch a Sept. 11-type terrorist attack, targeting the United States--in order to drag President George W. Bush into a war against Iraq.

Two factors may be impelling Sharon to take such provocative measures.

First, there is a growing chorus of leading U.S. military figures, active duty and retired, and prominent Republican Party foreign policy mandarins, who are voicing strong opposition to the war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq... The second factor driving Sharon to possibly launch a false-flag 911 terror attack on the U.S.A. is his falling popularity inside Israel. It is almost a certainty that there will be a government crisis before the end of the year, and early elections, perhaps over Israel's dire economic crisis and the inability of the Sharon government to agree on a budget that can pass the Knesset.

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