Sunday 3 November 2002

Welcome to Geedubya's "Homeland"

"I find it outrageous. It makes me feel ashamed of my country."
-= Betsy Burton, US bookseller

Author cancels US tour over 'profiling'

A celebrated Canadian author, Rohinton Mistry, has cancelled the second half of his US book tour because of racial profiling at US airports.

Mr Mistry - the Indian-born author short-listed for the Booker Prize this year - was "extremely unhappy" about the treatment he received, Canada's Globe and Mail reported.

"As a person of colour he was stopped repeatedly and rudely at each airport along the way - to the point where the humiliation of both he and his wife has become unbearable," a memo from the writer's US publisher Aflred A Knopf said...

...Last week Canada urged its citizens born in Middle Eastern and Muslim countries to think carefully before going to the US because of the new checks.

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