Thursday 21 November 2002

Prestige Oil Tanker Disaster Part of EU's Agenda to Destroy Fishing Industry?

Posted by a reader of the Propaganda Matrix, who knows if it's true or not but it's an interesting read nonetheless and you can be damned sure that this won't appear on the BBC... Stories and opinions like these are why exists, not to tell you what to believe but to present alternative points of view from what one would hear from the mainstream media.

If anyone has any (constructive) comments on this post, or anything they'd like to add to the theory please feel free to post it in the comments section below.

While looking at the pictures on the news of the stricken oil tanker the prestige, I got to wondering about the hole in her, and how it managed to get so big and long? (mind you an explosion would cause a fire?)

I then remembered a news article about how the European Union plans on banning the fishing of cod in the north and the Irish seas, which in turn would devastate fishing communities, and thousands of people in the UK and Ireland would lose their jobs as will thousands of others now in Spain. Is there another agenda here?

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