Tuesday 5 November 2002

Leaders Fit For Fools

Here we stand, willing victims of a system which not long ago collapsed the world's "economies."

While statistic after statistic indicates the ever-approaching brink of a disaster parallel to the preceding cycle culmination we now call "The Great Depression," American fool after American fool dreams without qualification, war, quite probably for the benefit of the oil and financial barons who presently plunder us to death, will save us from the disaster built into the very system by which they profit from us — namely, irreversible further multiplication of our debt.

While our debt mounts to the nearing disaster, we forsake meaningful investigation of the issues at hand. We ignore in our press the hundreds of protests in major cities of the world. We purposely fail to report them that the champions of the world, the American fool, can wave flags in ignorance of our slaying of innocents for oil and the benefit of the financial elite, that the hate which precipitated the events of a year ago may rise to yet greater magnitude.

As a nation, we bear a blemished obligation not only to get many internal irregularities in order, but to return to obligatory standards of intercourse with the world by which our country was once respected. In getting our house in order, there is no more important place to focus than ourselves, as together we now comprise a disgrace worthy of little but our own undoing. Neither bombs or guns or false ideology will save us.

I was politically focused as a young boy, and I remain perhaps particularly sensitive to obvious efforts to deceive us. Several months ago I witnessed something which I consider, particularly in the awkwardness of its gesticulations, to be one of the most remarkable lies I've ever seen. What disturbs me most, is the general American is no better than to remain the willing-enough subject of such lies.

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