Thursday 14 November 2002

Is war with Iraq needed?

I am an 81-year-old veteran who entered the service in 1939, and retired some 30 years later. There is not one person in the military who was born when I joined the service. I had one year in combat before President Bush was born.

As a young infantry platoon sergeant, I led troops through the hedgerows of Normandy and through the heartland of Germany until World War II ended. I also led them through the frozen hills and valleys of Korea. I spilled my blood in both conflicts. I think that I can speak with some authority just how hellish war can be.

I cannot express how sick it makes me feel when we have a president of the only superpower in the world trying to make people think that we are about to be attacked by a third-ranked power called Iraq.

I do not think that we really know what Iraq's nuclear capability is. We know that Iraq's chemical ability was shipped to them by then-President Reagan and Vice President George Bush, when Saddam Hussein was at war with Iran.

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