Wednesday 13 November 2002

Iraq is NOT Ordering Large Amounts Of Nerve Gas Antidote

More crap coming out of Washington, the BBC is still running this story as gospel, those so-called "journalists" obviously don't have Internet access! These stories are spread by neo-fascists like Richard Perle to give them more justification for slaughtering a few thousand more innocent Iraqis. Notice the last paragraph, now that's scary! They "don't need proof" to determine Saddam's guilt, they just know it.

Turkey denies a New York Times report that Iraq has ordered a million doses of a nerve gas antidote. The report says most orders for the drug, atropine, have gone to a Turkish company.

The U.S. is pressuring Turkey to stop the alleged sales.

A senior Bush administration official says the order could mean Iraq plans to use nerve agents and would need the drug to protect its soldiers.

But a spokesman for the Turkish Health Ministry says there is no record of any order from Iraq.

The White House would only say that no one needs proof that Saddam Hussein possesses chemical and biological weapons and is willing to use them.

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