Wednesday 20 November 2002

How close is America to outright dictatorship?

Obey! Most people think America is a democracy, but the evidence is readily available that shows fascist elements in the highest levels of corporate and government offices are determined to overthrow the Constitution and our precious democracy.

At the height of the Great Depression, President Franklin D.Roosevelt was making major changes to ensure financial security for all Americans. But certain elements of the corporate CEO class tried to stage a coup to remove Roosevelt from office. Their reasoning: Roosevelt was "undoing all [we corporatists] have built." As if the work done by the bottom 99 percent of the population didn't count. But to accomplish a coup, they needed a military leader who would follow their orders and get the troops to do the deed.

General Smedley Butler (do a web search for him), to his great credit, refused the offer and reported the plot to FDR, who did nothing to punish the plotters. We came very close to outright fascism in the 1930s

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