Thursday 14 November 2002

Do You Want a Future?

Learn How To Solve the Crisis of Humanity

We're in a very interesting period right now. The entire system is disintegrating. There are two things we should consider: in general, the nature of the disintegration; what's wrong with your parents' generation, as such, which is the same thing: disintegration; and, what is the crucial aspect that your role has to be, in your generation, in order to fix this world mess. The role of leadership.

And, the latter part will be something you know something about, because I've been emphasizing it, but most people don't know anything about leadership. You see what we elect in government, you realize that the voters in this country don't know what leadership is. If they were out picking a bride, you don't know what they'd marry! They just don't know what anything is. I saw some mules out here—they'd probably be eligible in certain tastes of some of these voters.

But anyway, we're not in cyclical crisis. The idiots today are talking about: "Is this a depression, like the 1929-33 Depression?" Well, it ain't, buddy! The 1929-33 Depression was of the character of a cyclical depression; that is, it was built in to the way the system functions, under the influence of the British System, or the Adam Smith system, as it's sometimes called; or the Free-Trade system. Any such system operating upon European standards of economy—not American, but European standards of economy, especially under the influence of the Free-Trade system—will have inherently in it, business cycles. The business cycle is caused by the character of Central Banking systems, or something that imitates a Central Banking system.

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