Friday 1 November 2002

The Dirty And Deadly Secrets Of Khamisiyah

In Khamisiyah, southern Iraq, 1991, a man made plague was unleashed. Some of the world’s deadliest chemical and biological warfare agents were housed in Khamisiyah, a sprawling desert bunker complex – and then released into the atmosphere. Released by allied soldiers who are now dying in their thousands, and released over the very same Iraqi population whom the U.S. hopes to “liberate”.

Was this an accident? Did the U.S. administration know what they were exposing their soldiers to? Why were safety measures not taken during the weapons’ destruction? What is the truth about the origins of Saddam’s arsenal, and the fate of those exposed to it? In a Scoop Exclusive Mo Abbas reports on the secrets of Khamisiyah and makes a suggestion as to how the many unanswered questions might be resolved.

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