Friday 1 November 2002

The Complete 9/11 Timeline

This is a FANTASTIC idea! The site's creators have certainly done their homework, the site intends to be a veritable treasure trove of information regarding the ACTUAL events before, during and after the biggest con-job since Pearl Harbour. If you're into your 9/11 theories and resources then this is a must bookmark!

The Center for Cooperative Research has developed this website as a demonstration of how the proposed research cooperative would provide an up-to-date representation of the historical record as it pertains to the key themes that are relevant in the struggle to end this war on the world and expose the truth behind the drive for so-called 'globalization'. The historical record, as such, would be presented in the form of a vast network of outlines, profiles, and fact sheets that are devoted to several different but interrelated topics and would be updated on a regular basis. Each day, as history progresses, this data network too would ‘grow’ as new information is extracted from the alternative and mainstream media, synthesized, and assimilated into one coherent whole.

At the present time this website is still in the development stage and therefore does not yet meet the standards of quality that we envision for the proposed research cooperative. But if and when the cooperative is successfully developed, any activist, researcher or truth seeker will be able to acquire an up-to-date account on any subject featured in this cooperative network without having to search for, collect, and read the articles themselves. And since all information included in the outlines will be thoroughly and accurately referenced, anyone wishing to go directly to the sources will be able to do so by going to the reference list and clicking on the appropriate hyperlinks, if available.

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