Tuesday, 26 November 2002

But He Is A Moron

Lets see... The Germans don't want anything to do with Bush, the Canadians think he's a moron and the Russian Bear is warning him off. The only two leaders that really support Bush are Tony Blair and John Howard, and even then most of the people in the UK and Oz DON'T SUPPORT THEIR OWN LEADERS.... That's why we keep getting terror warnings, that's why Bali happened: because they want to try and scare us into going along with this insanity! I'm more afraid of them and that lunatic Sharon than I am of Saddam, Osama bin CIAasset or some fanatical muslims on Israel's payroll (Hamas). And don't try and tell me about all the iddy-biddy countries that have signed up to US policy (like the new members of NATO) they are being blackmailed or bullied into agreeing... "Support us and we cover you in gold, oppose us and we cover you in bombs." Look what happened to Afghanistan...

Francoise Ducros, director of communications for Canada's Prime Minister Jean Chretien, said in a private conversation that Mr. Bush was a moron for the way he pushed his obsession over Iraq at a NATO meeting in Prague that had other, important issues to treat. Most informed people on the planet would classify her observation in about the same category as "sugary cereal makes a terrible breakfast," but it is so rare to hear even the slightest truth expressed regarding America's pathetic chief executive that a bit of a flap has arisen.

This happened only because her private remark was reported by a newspaper founded by Canadian press baron, Conrad Black, a man who gave up his citizenship in order to accept membership in Britain's House of Lords, something which enables him to pontificate in neo-gothic halls while costumed in a sweeping scarlet robe topped with puffs of white fluff. But his good works in Canada continue behind him, and the absurdly-biased paper he founded, The National Post, goes right on doing its duty - in this case, the reporting of an unmistakably-private remark just to embarrass Canada's Liberal Prime Minister.

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