Tuesday 26 November 2002

British MPs Loose All Moral Credibility

I hope this shatters any illusions you may have had about the UK being a peace-loving democracy... We're now officially a nation of war-mongers and baby-killers, nice isn't it? I wonder how many MPs have children who are going to die in Iraq??? Answers on a postcard to 10 Downing Street.

452 MPs vote to start war on Saddam without even discussing it in the Commons.

A massive majority of MPs last night voted that attacks on Iraq could begin without a Commons vote.

As they backed the plans by 452 votes to 85, Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon announced a huge increase in preparations for war.

Earlier, in an intense Commons debate on Iraq, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw had refused to guarantee ministers would come to the Commons to get MPs' approval for a war before it happened.

To the fury of Labour left-wingers, he said: "Any decision to take military action will be put before the House as soon as possible after the Government has taken the decision."

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