Friday 15 November 2002

Blair 'Spitting Forth Ridiculous Propaganda' At Iraq

The reason we have been prolific in our writings is because we are certain than any attack on Iraq by President Bush for true agenda being served, will change the future to a dire course. It should at this time be apparent to everyone, that if the US attacks, Osama and ultimately the rest of the Muslim world will target the West with bioterrorism. This is opening a gateway which should not be opened.

The propaganda starting to come out of the US is self defeating. Every Iraqi and Muslim in the world by now knows the Bush agenda, not by interpretation but by admission.

Let us first analyze an excerpt from a story just coming off the news wire:

Blair, America's staunchest ally, broadcast a message into Iraq saying "The standard of living and prosperity of the Iraqi people would be infinitely greater were Saddam not there.''

Is this really for the Iraqis or for the ignorant of the world? What is the nexus to 500,000 children dying since 1992? To Iraqis being denied good and services available before the last war?

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