Friday 22 November 2002

9/11 Skeptics Unite

A brilliant site with lots and lots of links, some of them even reviewed. A must read for all you 9/11 skeptics out there!

Many writers and researchers, whose work has appeared almost exclusively on the Internet, have challenged the percepts of the Official Conspiracy Theory of the Sept. 11 attacks. I call them the 9/11 Skeptics. The quality and seriousness of their work varies. Perhaps the wisest skeptics limit themselves to pointing out the many holes in the official story, and avoid speculation about things they cannot know for sure. This still leaves many open questions, so other skeptics use logic to speculate what lies behind the veil of secrecy, as they feel they must, with mixed results. Yet others claim to have inside knowledge about the true story or perpetrators of Sept. 11, which perhaps they do. Such material can be assessed in terms of internal logic, but readers have no certain way of knowing how much of it is imaginary. Many 9/11 Skeptics espouse detailed alternative theories of "what really happened," some more plausibly than others. A few, I fear, suffer from belief systems (or personalities) as fundamentalist as Osama Binladin's.

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