Monday 21 October 2002

Who benefits most from the DC Sniper, Anthrax Attacks, and 9/11?

This spells it out in black and white, if you want to find out WHO the perps are, you need to work out WHO stands the most to gain, as the old saying goes; "Where there's smoke, there's fire."

Many segments of American society have benefited greatly from the atrocities we have suffered over the last year and two months. Law enforcement, the US Military, the national security establishment, the arms industry, the Center for Disease Control, and defense contractors have all come out on top. George Bush and his neo-conservative/fascist regime have won great political points as well (though one must wonder why the reverse is not true). There is, however, one office within the US Government and one set of defense contractors who have benefited from each and every of the aforementioned events. Interestingly, this one office is run by an individual previously convicted of running a government within a government, in an illegal and clandestine project to accomplish his president's goals, outside of the law.

Of course, we are talking about the Information Awareness Office led by John Poindexter. Many of the projects under the umbrella of this office predate the IAO. In fact, workers at Cycorp of Austin, Texas were developing tools for the Rapid Knowledge Formation (RKF) project before 9/11 where the test domain was "the release of biological agents" such as anthrax delivered by none other than Osama bin Laden through Al-Qaeda. When the Austin American Statesman wrote an article about this, just after 9/11, Cycorp tried to suppress the article through use of contacts at the Department of Defense. Subsequently, a representative of the DoD contacted the Austin American Statesman in hope of killing the article before publication. The Statesman published it anyway. The Bio-Surveillance Project and the Evidence Extraction and Link Discovery project all predate the attacks of 9/11 construction of the IAO and now find their home within the IAO. John Poindexter's involvement in EELD predates the IAO as well. The foreign press howled when Poindexter was chosen to lead the IAO. Not surprisingly, the well controlled US Media and press was largely silent.

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