Monday 21 October 2002

"Where would Israel be had he lived?"

Where indeed, Yitzhak Rabin was a Great man and a true Hero of Israel (if not the whole world!) he was assasinated by the same bunch of zionist NUTTERS who are currently bringing the world to the edge of this abyss. Rabin was prepared to "do" things not just "say" things to bring about peace and he was killed for it. The current Israeli Labour party has brought great dishonour upon itself by not following through with Rabin's vision. In my opinion the Nobel committee should set a precedent and withdraw the award they gave to Shimon Peres. I'm SURE Alfred Nobel would approve!

A sad nostalgia for better times marked the memorial ceremonies held yesterday for Yitzhak Rabin, assassinated seven years ago in an attempt to abort the political path he pursued. Hundreds of invited guests and dignitaries crowded around the gravesite of Yitzhak and Leah Rabin on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

The daughter of the slain prime minister, Dalia Rabin, did not mince words in speaking for the Rabin family at the graveside ceremony. She lashed out against the leaders who did nothing to stifle the campaign of incitement waged against her father by those who branded him a traitor to the Zionist cause. She also criticized the leadership of the Labor Party for failing to find the courage to continue the work that cost her father his life. Instead of fighting to defend his path, they failed to withstand the deluge and took cover, she charged.

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, both close partners with the late prime minister, sat expressionless while listening to his daughter's scathing indictment. Since the establishment of the national unity government last January, Peres and Ben-Eliezer have become full partners in pursuing the political path led by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

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